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about charlene

Charlene Covey began her fitness journey with a passion for teaching Group Fitness classes. She loved teaching everything from Cycling to Kickboxing to Boot Camp classes. But once she took her first yoga training class she knew she had found her calling. Finding that deeper connection between mind and body naturally led her to Pilates. She began her Pilates career over 10 years ago with Balanced Body and has completed training with all Pilates Apparatus. She absolutely loves what Pilates can do and the joy that can be found when a client improves their balance, comes back from an injury or achieves a personal goal through Pilates. 


Charlene continues to teach Yoga and appreciates the balance it offers in her clients' lives as well as her own. She also enjoys teaching Zumba and Barre classes. 


Charlene is married to her best friend, Mark. They have two daughters, Emma and Alexis who bring joy to her life in so many ways. Their family is complete with two spirited dogs, who are also a source of joy, Bailey and Remo.


about kelley

Kelley Towne is a certified Health & Wellness Coach, Breathwork Practitioner, and Yoga Instructor. She began her wellness journey when her youngest daughter was diagnosed with ADHD in 2008. Kelley was determined to find a treatment for her young daughter that did not include manufactured pharmaceuticals. By doing research and consulting experts, Kelley learned that by changing their diet and adding movement, she was able to not only take and keep her daughter off of medications, but also improve the health of their entire family. Kelley practices holistic living and focuses on a mind-body-spirt connection in all aspects of her life. Kelley’s coaching (HealthyTowne Coaching) mantra is “All is Well-ness” and shares this lifestyle with her clients by adding elements that connect all of our 4 Bodies (Physical, Mind, Energy, and Spirit Bodies) through nutrition, creativity, movement, and meditation/connection.


Having practiced Yoga for about 15 years, she decided to obtain her teaching certificate in 2020. Kelley’s classes include breathwork, mantra setting, and meditative rest, making each class a time for participants to work on their overall wellness. She welcomes students of all experience levels and strives to create a nonintimidating experience.


In addition to coaching individual clients in wellness and breathwork, Kelley teaches yoga classes, facilitates breathwork workshops and offers wellness classes.


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