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wellness workshop

This months workshop is Xtreme Self Defense for Women

Come for a single workshop or join our WELLNESS CLUB and receive bonuses and huge savings!
Individual workshops are $40 each.
OR buy a club pass:
5 workshops for $150
10 workshops for $270


group reformer

Exercise for every body part! Pilates is an exercise system developed to strengthen muscles, increase flexibility and improve overall health. Pilates focuses on learning to move better so the benefits are felt in everyday life. New to the reformer please check out our "first timers" section.

Drop in Rate: $40/class • 10 Sessions - $35/class
Group Reformer Memberships available also



Yoga is for Everyone! We want yoga to be accessible to everyone. Walking into the studio you should never feel intimidated or nervous, but welcomed and comfortable. Our yoga classes focus on strength, balance and flexibility and accommodate those who have never taken a yoga class before to those who have been practicing for years. We offer options for all levels in every class. Come and enjoy all of the benefits of yoga!

Drop in Rate: $18/a class • $120/10 classes • $220/20 classes

MONDAY – 12pm • TUESDAY – 7pm • THURSDAY – 7pm

SATURDAY – 9am • SUNDAY – 9am

Bar Class.jpg

pilates barre

Work those overlooked muscles. Think of Pilates Barre as a standing Pilates class focused on all of those smaller but important muscles in the lower body. If you are looking for a way to strengthen and tone your glutes, hips, legs and core, this is a class for you!
As a nice addition to this class we also spend time working on upper body AND we spend time on our mats perfecting our Mat Pilates exercises.
This is jam-packed workout!

Drop in Rate: $18/a class • $120/10 classes • $220/20 classes

WEDNESDAY – 12pm (45mins)

Core Pilates.jpg

pilates mat

All about that Core! Core! Core! Core! Although you’ll work every muscle in your body, the focus is on your core. We keep this class fun and interesting with a variety of props from balls to bands to rings; you’ll find a challenging and unique workout each time you walk through the door. 

Drop in Rate: $18/a class • $120/10 classes • $220/20 classes




Get moving. . .and laughing! This class is ALL about FUN! It’s about dancing with your friends. It’s exercise in disguise. This hour flies by and when we’re finished you’ll just want more! No experience is necessary and don’t worry if you are rhythmically challenged. This is a judgement-free zone! We’re just happy to move and laugh and have a great time!


THURSDAY – 6:00pm (55mins)


senior F.I.T. (functional interval training)

Time to Challenge yourself. Also known as Cardio/Strength Circuit, this class offers a variety of fun and challenging exercises to strengthen and tone every inch of your body. You’ll exercise your heart by performing heart pumping cardio exercises and build your strength with a multitude of unique and fun equipment including our Balanced Body suspension system - the Bodhi. Try out this class and it’s guaranteed you’ll want to come back for more!

Drop in Rate: $18/a class • $120/10 classes • $220/20 classes

TUESDAY – 1pm (30mins)

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