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COVID Precautions

To keep our clients safe we have implemented the following protocols. Our priority is that you feel

safe at the studio and that your exercise experience is a positive one. If you are not comfortable

exercising in a group setting, we do offer private sessions.


All of our equipment is at least 6 feet apart.

(Other equipment has been moved as well to keep with social distancing guidelines.)


Each member of a Reformer class is required to have their own Reformer loops (i.e. handles).
You can purchase the loops from the studio. They are $50 + tax.


Any equipment used during class is not shared. All equipment is kept by your Reformer or your mat and
is sanitized before and after each use.


All members/class participants are to stay out in their car until the previous client or class has left. That

allows the instructor time to clean and it also limits contact between members. Members are NOT to congregate

in the studio before or after class. We are asking members, if they would like to talk with someone, to do so

outside. We are working to limit contact between members.


When entering the studio please wash your hands or use hand sanitizer. Before you leave the studio please 

wash your hands or use hand sanitizer. 


All Reformer sessions have been shortened by 5 minutes or so. Sessions will now end about 5 minutes 

before the top of the hour. This will give both the participant and the instructor time to clean and to allow for a smoother transition 

between sessions and clients.


Class sizes are limited for all yoga and other Group Fitness classes. If you would like to come to a Group 

Fitness class, please sign up online so that no participants are turned away. All Group Fitness classes are offered

in the studio AND over ZOOM. If you are interested in attending a ZOOM class, send an email to



Every member is still responsible for cleaning their own Reformer before and after class. Then, after class the instructor can go back over the machine and clean it again. All machines, equipment, bathrooms, door handles, etc. etc. etc. are cleaned multiple times during the day. Anything that is a frequent touch point is cleaned multiple times a day.


MASKS: Masks are not required when you are exercising as long as we maintain 6 feet distance or more. If you would prefer to

wear a mask, you may. Instructors are not wearing masks as long as they maintain 6 feet distance or more. 


***PLEASE do not come if you are sick or exhibiting any symptoms of an illness.***



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