Wellness Workshops


Wrap yourself in wellness this year with our monthly workshop classes designed to nurture your best life. Each session will bring you key tips, techniques and training to optimize your wellness in every season. Classes range from $20-$30 per session.


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Food is Medicine Learn about using nutrition to prevent and treat ailments, eating the rainbow to crowd our cravings and choosing the best water. Workshop lead by Kelley


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Introduction to Yoga Do you find yoga intimidating? This class is for you! Learn the basics and begin to feel more comfortable moving on your mat. Workshop lead by Charlene


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Springs Herbs for New Beginnings Harness the detoxing power of spring herbs. Learn the basics for using herbs on our feet. Bonus: Tips for starting your own herb patch.
Workshop lead by Barbie


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Finding Peace through Breathwork & Meditation Learn to recognize and relieve your mind and body from the effects of stress with breath techniques and meditation.
Workshop lead by Kelley


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Celebrate Pilates Day! Discuss what makes Pilates different from other exercise and why everyone should be doing it. Learn the basics and begin a practice that can literally change your life. Workshop lead by Charlene


Summer Salves, Balms & Sprays Explore herbal remedies for seasonal issues like bug bites, sunburns, skinned knees and more. Plus, how to beat the heat.

Workshop lead by Barbie

JULY 20th

Finding Self Love and Healing Discuss putting ourselves first and learning to nurture choices that allow growth and acceptance. Take away tips and tricks for healthy self-healing. Workshop lead by Kelley


Yoga for Stress Relief Learn to identify where you hold stress in your body and how yoga can release it. Reconnect to yourself and feel better doing it.

Workshop lead by Charlene


Boosting the Immune System with Herbs Learn about common herbal syrups, tonics, pastes and extracts to build a stronger immune system and how to make them at home.

Workshop lead by Barbie





Yoga: Gratitude in Motion – Join in a gratitude meditative movement class that will focus on opening your heart and journaling your experience. Workshop lead by Charlene


Herbs for Common Ailments Learn which herbs to have on hand for everyday issues and common ailments. Talk about how to prep an herbal first aid kit. Bonus: Discuss herbs for gift giving. Workshop lead by Barbie